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Nos complace anunciar que arrancamos nuestro ciclo de podcasts con un episodio doble compuesto por 2 mixes exlusivos que nos llenan de orgullo!

Parte 1 – Arveene

El gran rumor que rodea al joven Arveene es fácil de explicar, ha venido peleándola desde que tenia 17 años tocando en clubes seminales de Dublín. Desde un comienzo mostró ser una promesa, con una gran dedicación y ética de trabajo que lo diferenciaron de sus pares. Esto sin mencionar su intuición natural y conocimiento de que es lo que enloquece a la gente en una pista sin caer en grandes hits ni temas obvios.

Año 2006

Arveene decide entrar en estudios y comenzar a producir su propia música. Arranca con 2 bootlegs y súbitamente el mundo escucha. Sale de gira con Prodigy y logra hacer estallar el lugar en todas las presentaciones. Soulwax oye el rumor y lo llama para compartir escenario en el Hi Fi UK. Mas tarde obtiene una residencia en The End luego de un exitoso debut. Allí toca para las fiestas de Underwater y Bugged Out, junto a Erol Alkan.

Luego de una serie de fechas en UK y Europa crea el colectivo Clampdown el cual esta basado principalmente en buena música de todos los géneros y orígenes. El énfasis esta puesto en la calidad y no en las tendencias. Clampdown llega la famosa Lock Tavern de Londres con una gran fiesta que tiene a Arveene. Andrew Weatherall, James Lavelle y David Holmes rockeando y entre los asistentes se encuentran Primal Scream, Radioslave, Dave Dorrel y Nigel Godrich (todos bailando J)

También ese 2006 telonea a Prodigy en Hi FI Irlanda y cierra el set con su propio mash up de Rage Against The Machine enloqueciendo a 20000 personas. Luego Daft Punk lo llama para telenoearlos en su presentación en el Mayday Park en un show histórico.

… la saga continúa …

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01. LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver // DFA/EMI
02. Hot Chip - No Fit State (Audion Mix) // EMI
03. Luke Solomon - Ghouls (Claude Von Stroke Beats From The Grave Mix) // Rekid
04. Lotter Boys - Unknown // CDR
05. Felix Rennenfeld - The Max // Great Stuff
06. Oliver Huntemann - Fashion Show // German Beauty
07. Trash Talk - Tank Girl // Great Stuff
08. Laidback Luke - Back 2 Return - Size
09. Greg Churchill - I Need A Bassline (Lemmy) - Gung Ho
10.The Presets - I Go Hard I Go Home (DJ Hell Remix) // Modular CDR
11.Krazy Baldhead - Muthafuckas (Midfield General Mix) // Ed Banger
12.Missy Elliot - We Run This - XPress-2 Remix // Atlantic
13.Hi Jack - Hi Jackin (Herve'a Fuck It Remix) // On The Brink
14.Matthew !wowow! - Big Girls Don't Cry // CDR

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Parte 2 - alt124

Con una sólida carrera como DJ desde el año 2000, alt124 ha ido evolucionando a lo largo del tiempo de un sonido puramente electrónico basado en sonidos house y tech house, hacia territorios más cercanos a la música pop y rock.

A lo largo de estos años ha compaginado su residencia en uno de los reductos míticos de Madrid: Chill Out, aka Before Club, con raves, festivales y todo tipo de eventos por la geografía española, compartiendo cartel con DJs de la talla de Richie Hawtin, Monika Kruse, Luke Slater, Magda, Silicone Soul, Oscar Mulero, Xpansul, etc. Además durante este tiempo ha sido editor de la que es, sin duda alguna, la web de música electrónica más influyente de España: Clubbingspain.com, posición que todavía sigue ocupando.

En la actualidad alt124, junto a Dirty Porco Disco su compañero en Madrid Acid Boys, está volcando todos sus esfuerzos en la fiesta mensual llamada The Music Institute que se celebra el último sábado de cada mes en Low Club de Madrid. También junto Dirty Porco Disco está poniendo en marcha un netlabel llamado Acid Boys Rec que en breve lanzará su primer release bajo licencia Creative Commons.

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01 I was a Cub Scout - Pink Squares (radio edit)
02 Van She - Kelly
03 Thieves Like Us - Fass
04 Huskey Rescue - Diamonds in the sky (deaf stereo remix)
05 M.Craft - You Are The Music (Playgroup Remix)
06 New Young Pony Club - Tight Fit
07 Justin Timberlake - My love (DFA mix)
08 Brazilian Girls - Last Call (Carl Craig Remix)
09 Jose Gonzalez - Crosses (Jori Hulkkonen mix)
10 Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (Richard X extended mix)
11 Editors - All Sparks (Phones Remix)
12 Playgroup - Overflow (Optimo Remix)
13 The Rapture - Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh
14 The Libertines - Ha Ha Wall (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
15 The Futureheads - Let's Dance

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We’re proud to announce that we started our podcast season with a double episode composed by two exclusive mixes!

Part 1 – Arveene

The major buzz currently surrounding young Arveene is easy to explain, he has been hard at it since he was just 17 playing Dublin’s most seminal clubs, although only a nipper he showed huge promise from the off with a very dedicated and professional work ethic that set him apart from his peers, not to mention a natural flair for music and more importantly knowing what makes people rock without relying on big tunes and obvious choice records.

Lets take it to 2006…Arveene makes the decision to get into the studio and start making his own music, he knocks out 2 bootlegs and suddenly the world is listening. Tours with The Prodigy and blows the place away every time. Soulwax get wind of the new kid on the block and ask him to join them on their stage at Hi Fi UK. Gets offered a residency in The End after his debut performance, plays there for Underwater, Bugged Out and Erol Alkan, things move up a level.

After a series of club dates across UK and Europe he founded music collective Clampdown which is primarily about good music from all genres in various venues, the emphasis is on quality and not current trends or fads. Clampdown hits London's famous Lock Tavern in Camden with a bang, first party had Arveene, Andrew Weatherall, James Lavelle and David Holmes rocking the rafters, attendees included Primal Scream, Radioslave, Dave Dorrell and Nigel Godrich (all dancing)

Opens for the Prodigy at Hi Fi Ireland and finishes set with his own brand new mash up of Rage against the Machine, 20,000 people go nuts! We have it on video and it rocks. Daft Punk request him as their opening act at Irelands show at Marlay park, the show is historic and he played a blinder...the saga continues

Part 2 – alt124

With a solid career as a DJ since 2000, alt124 has evolved from a purely house based electronic sound to grounds near pop and rock music.

During the past years, he combined his residency in one of the seminal places of Madrid: Chill Out (aka Before Club) with raves, gigs and all kind of events all around the Spanish territory. He played with DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Monika Kruse, Luke Slater, Magda, Silicone Soul, Oscar Mulero, Xpansul, etc. Also, he’s been editor of the most influential electronic music website in Spain: Clubbingspain.com and he keeps his position actually.

Nowadays alt124, along with Dirty Porco Disco his partner in the
Madrid Acid Boys blog, is focused in a party called The Music Institute which celebrates last Saturdays of each month in Madrid’s Low Club. Additionally, and together with Dirty Porco Disco also, he’s starting a netlabel called Acid Boys Rec which is going to pop its first release under the Creative Commons license soon.


Part1 and Part2

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