Monday, December 29, 2008


Se fue 2008.
Es por eso que molestamos a algunos músicos, djs, y bloggers para que nos contasen que fue lo que mas les gusto de este año que paso.

Aca estan los resultados:

2008 has gone.
That's why we bugged some musicians, DJs and bloggers and asked them what they liked the most in the past year.

Here are the results:

Laughing Light Of Plenty

Andrew Hogge (Lovefingers / blackdisco)

Artist: Laughing Light Of Plenty
Record: Laughing Light of Plenty 12"
Track: Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose
Re Edit or Remix: Stevie Wonder - Broadway (Lee Douglas Edit)
DJ: Anton Esteban
Label: Whatever We Want
Blog: NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Movie: Cache
The overrated / Swindle of the year: Los Angeles
Is there something you want to add? Watch out for the ESP Institute in 09.


Artist: Joakim
Record: Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel
Track: ZZT - The Worm
Re Edit or Remix: Soulwax remix of Kids (MGMT)
DJ: Erol Alkan
Label: Turbo / Ed Banger
Blog: Midfield General
Movie: The Dark Knight
The overrated / Swindle of the year: Don't have one actually. But right now the war in Gazza is terrible

Flemming Dalum

Casionova (Cyber Dance / Dissident)

Artist: Mr Pauli
Record: Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue - Special Edition
Track: Hasbeens - Keep Fooling Yourself
Re Edit or Remix: Gino Soccio - Love Is... (Prince Language re-edit)
DJ: Flemming Dalum
Label: Moustache
Blog: Slabs Of The Tabernacle
Movie: Black Sheep
The overrated/Swindle of the year: movie remakes, they all suck compared to the originals... if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Cobra Cut

Artist: Parallels
Record: Skatebård - Cosmos
Track: Salem - Deepburn
Re Edit or Remix: Fake - Frogs in Spain (DW remix)
DJ: James Murphy
Label: lies
Blog: the-steelers-blog
Movie: The Wrestler
Is there something you want to add? Check out more disco from Toronto: Tuxedomask,
Azari & III, Foxfire, Gypsy Midnight, Deathpunch 666.

Mr. Oizo

Cosmikat (KSK radio)

Artist: Deadmau5, Santogold
Record: Mr Oizo's Lambs Anger, SeabstiAn's Remixes
Tema/Track: D
eadmau5 - Clockwork, Mr Oizo - Positif, DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano
Re Edit or Remix: Sebastien Leger's remix of "Hello Piano" (Inkfish and David West)
DJ: Feadz, Switch
Label: DFA, Im A cliché, Pokerflat
Blog: DJ Are Persons
Movie: Le Scafandre Et Le Papillon, The Dark Knight
Is there something you want to add? That 2009 maybe as enriching as the previous year!!!

DJ Joven (Galaga)

Artist: Pilooski
Disco: Lindstrom -
Where You Go I Go Too
Track: In Flagranti - Business Acumen
Re Edit or Remix: Elvis Presley -
Crawfish (Pilooski Edit)
DJ: Greg Wilson
Label: DC Recordings
Blog: Donnaslut, Sci-Fi-Pogo
Wild Combination: A Portrait Of Arthur Russell
The overrated / Swindle of the year: Yelle + Tecktonik + Floggers!
Algo que agregar? El adios a uno de los mas grandes escritores y cientificos Arthur C. Clarke
(The goodbye to one of the greatest writers and scientists: Arthur Clarke)

Wild Combination

El Mirloo (Galaga)

Artista: Peter Visti
Disco: 10 Inches of fear (JD Twitch)
Tema: Tildaflipers - Fiasco
Re Edit o Remix: Free Blood - Parangatang (Tim Love Lee mix)
DJ: Breakfast Jump Up!
Label: Mindless Boogie
Blog: 20 jazz funk greats
Movie: Wild Combination: A Portrait Of Arthur Russell
The Overrated /Swindle of the year: mmm tantas cosas (como ESAS bandas que tocan en ESOS festivales, esos djs que tocan en esas fiestas, esos artistas que etc etc etc) pero tambien los tomates ,los pimientos, y el alimento en gral
(hmmm... so many things (like for example, these bands playing in these festivals, and this DJs that play in these parties, these artists... etc) but also tomatoes, peppers, and food in general)
Algo que agregar?: muchas cosas, pero ahora me tengo que ir...
(lots of things, but now i have to leave...)


Artist: oneohtrix
Record: Yes I Smoke Crack (SALEM)
Track: Diamond Vampires - Friday Nights
Remix: Yazoo - Situation (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
DJ: Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space)
Label: DFA...they came back pretty strong
Blog: 20 jazz funk greats
Movie: Let The Right One In
Swindle of the year: Auto-Tune

Tim Sweeney

Jaime Thunders (Bulimiatron)

Artist: Lee Mortimer
Record: Lee Mortimer - Latest Hits EP
Remix Health - Crimewave (La Riots Remix)
DJ: Fake Blood
Label: Potty Mouth Records
Blog Fancy Sounds
Movie: The Dark Knight
Swindle of the year: The cops ending the party way before I play and still getting paid in full :)
Is there something you want to add? 2009 HERE WE COME!


Artist: Cut Copy
Record: In Ghost Colours (Cut Copy)
Track: Hercules and Love Affair - Blind
Re Edit or Remix: The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
DJ: Tim Sweeney
Label: Dissident
Blog: Disco Dust
Movie: MILK

Dissident Records

Pat Les Stache (American Athlete / TJ Gorton)

Artist: Faze Action
Record: The Million Dollar Orchestra - Better Days
Track: Downtown Party Network - Days Like These
Re Edit or Remix: The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski edit)
DJ: Dimitri From Paris
Label: Permanent Vacation
Blog: American Athlete
Movie: Step Brothers

Premini (DJs Are Persons / Lovely Chords)

Artista: In Flagranti
Record: Silent Movie (Quiet Village)
Track: Syclops - Where's Jason's K
Re Edit o Remix: Unknown - Mars (Nitedog's Lunar Lunch)
DJ: Optimo
Label: Dissident
Movie: There Will Be Blood
Swindle of the year: 90% of re-edits. 90% of bloghouse. Toys, sneakers and all that incredibly expensive stuff.
Is there something you want to add? Happy '09!

High Places - Head Spins

Ricardo Galbis (Subdrive)

Artist: AC Slater
Record: Oracular Spectacular (MGMT)
Track: Laidback Luke + A-Trak - Shake It Down
Re Edit or Remix: AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)
DJ: Moby (he's back!)
Label: Trouble & Bass
Blog: Voules Random
Movie: The Dark Knight
Swindle of the year: Fucking US Oil Companies and their Bailout!
Is there something you want to add? Make Beats not War in 09!

Sam Willis (Allez Allez)

Artist: Antony & The Johnsons
Record: Love Is Overtaking Me (Arthur Russell)
Track: High Places - Head Spins
Re Edit or Remix: Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze remix)
DJ: James Holden
Label: Border Community
Blog: Mutant Sounds
Movie: Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
Is there something you want to add? Some big highlights for me was seeing My Morning Jacket and Antony & The Johnsons (with the LSO) playing live and completely destroying me, plus remixing one of my favorite tracks of the year (high places' 'Head Spins' and the band really liking it...) Also, look out for some new music and a label from us in 2009!

There Will Be Blood

Shadow Dancer (Boys Noize Records)

Artist: Morgan Geist
Record: There Will Be Blood (Jonny Greenwood)
Track: Tiga - Mind Dimension
Re Edit or Remix: Apparat - Arcadia (Boys Noize Remix)
DJ: Boys Noize
Label: Turbo
Blog: Lolcats
Movie: There Will Be Blood
Swindle of the year: the Credit Crunch

Weird Tapes

Artist: Portishead
Record: 3
Track: -
Re Edit or Remix: -
DJ: Sean Donson
Label: -
Movie: There Will be Blood

Villa Diamante (ZZK)

Artist: Chancha Via Circuito
Record: TV On The Radio - Dear Science
Track: El Guincho - Kalise (Frikstailers remix)
Re Edit or Remix: Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day 'N' Nite
DJ: Daleduro
Label: ZZK Records
Blog: Basically and also
Movie: Kurozuka (TV)
The overrated/Swindle of the year: Dubstep
If there something you want to add? Me encanta el dubstep pero ya todos todos todos le meten algo "onda dubstep" a sus producciones, todos los artistas tienen su dubstep remix todos los djs ponen un par de dubsteps, demasiado... y por eso me gusta tanto.
(I love dubstep but now ALL are puitting a dubstep feeling in their tracks, all the artists have a dubstep remix, all the djs put some few dubstep tracks, its way too much ... and that's why I love it so much!)

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